Any interest in a Pro Wrestling show?
Posted by andrewj.rager

So a couple years back we had a concert during Gen Con that did very well attendance wise. I bring this up because I would love to see a collaboration between Gen Con and the new pro wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling.

AEW already has already done an event at a video game tournament event called CEO in Jacksonville, FL this year. I think having a pro wrestling show either at Banker's Life Fieldhouse or the ICC would be a great tie in. I usually see many wrestling shirts during Gen Con.

AEW is new, but they are not small and have some of the biggest names in pro wrestling: Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, Jon Moxley, and The Young Bucks.

I have no affiliation with AEW and have no connections but I would love to somehow be a part of bringing Gen Con and AEW together. Please let me know if there is interest from attendees in such an event. I would tentatively suggest a Friday Night time slot of 8-11 PM. 

Please let me know if there is any interest from Gen Con's end as well. Or if there are any objections to having such an event during Gen Con. Like I said, I would love to be involved in this. Thanks!

Posted by kirbith

I'm a big fan of both Gen Con and wrestling but I really don't see the connection between Gen Con and AEW. I'm pretty sure that CEO was a sponsor of Fyter Fest which is why AEW had a show the same weekend as CEO. Additionally, CEO has had wrestlers such as Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega appear in the past so they already had connections to wrestling.

Given that Gen Con has very little, if any wrestling content I can't see a wrestling show make sense as part of Gen Con. I'd much rather see AEW come to Indy to do a show on their own rather than try to do it as part of Gen Con. I think tying a show to the convention would only limit the potential crowd.

Posted by qwaserity

OLD MAN VOICE: In the old days (Gen Con 48, I think) the city of Indy actually used the football field to play a pre-season game of football between the Colts and NY Giants. I took my nephew to the game. The tickets were front row, second tier and ran about $35 each. Basically our view was exactly what you'd see on a TV.

Because we had the opportunity to see a professional football game during GenCon we took advantage of it. Just as the local movie theatre shows old Sci-Fi movies and the restaurants have themed food, I could see an event being of some interest as long as it's not in the middle of the con. I wouldn't make it part of the con but it could be a fun night for either Wednesday or Sunday night...

Posted by jrdaviscubed

I'd watch it

Posted by aaronmlopez

It would be nice to get one of the bigger promotions for that, remember that either of them doing a show at the same time as Gen Con will more than likely cut into the hotel room availability. One of the smaller promotions (ROH, TNA, etc.) may put on just as good of a show and have a lower impact on the rooms.  

Posted by andrewj.rager

Well you aren't wrong that TNA would have a lower impact on rooms.

*drums and cymbals*

I understand your point, but Gen Con gets the downtown rooms in January, the wrestling show wouldn't be announced until probably memorial day or later. Very few wrestling only attendees would scoop up the rooms.

The reason I went with AEW over say a ROH or Impact which are smaller, but still could put on a good card,  is AEW has already shown they can put on a show during another event like CEO gaming.

The wrestling card game (Forget the name at the moment) would also love this because many of the big names in AEW are part of their game. So good Gen Con gaming brand tie in.

Posted by acidix

I'd be interested, but with so many of the blockbuster events taking the 8-12 slot for me, I'd find it hard to justify.  Now I'll admit that coming from a large city, the big events come through fairly often.

Posted by andrewj.rager

I did like the idea of it being on Wednesday night. And now that I think of it, it would work great as they are rumored to be running live on Wednesday nights on TNT starting in the fall. So lets say they run next year:

Wednesday July, 29th at the Fieldhouse for a 2 hour tv taping 8-10 PM. That would probably do really well.

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