D&D Experience, Mid-Track A
Posted by castigere

Hi all --

Hoping to recruit some more folks for our party of Mid-Trackers A.  We have three people total, myself and a friend of mine both in our 40's, and my son, who's 16 but gets along with older players just fine.  I have both a ranged rogue character and a divine soul (XGE sorcerer with divine spells) both at 5th level.  My son is a berzerker, and friend is a warlock.  They're both going to be 5th level as well.  There's a tiny chance that we could get enough time before GenCon to get to 6th, but we're not banking on it.

Soooo.... if you have a group of three or fewer and want to join us for some Mid-Trackkin', I'd love to hear from you.  I think it would be best to have you be 5th or 6th, that way we can all be around the same power level and the DM doesn't have to do any head-scratching about how to balance the encounters.



Posted by wmrickert

Says sold out.

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