There has been some confusion about our D&D eXPerience tracks at Gen Con this year. All of our D&D Adventures at Gen Con are part of the D&D Adventurers League ( – all characters must start at 1st level and advance through legal AL play. There are no pre-gens or a way to start a character at 5th or 11th level. If you do not have a legal AL character with log sheets you will need to return your D&D eXPerience ticket as we will not have a valid event to move you into (we can swap Mid into High and vise-versa usually but we do not have a 1st level track this year). Sorry for any confusion this may have caused but we want everybody to have as much time to shift their schedules if needed so your Gen Con is as awesome as possible.

None of the above is anything new but there seems to be a lot of people who were unaware of how AL works and bought tickets they are not going to be able to use. Please fix these now if you can. 

Baldman Games