Got some time to kill?
Posted by ladyflame

Attention Gencon Attendees!  Ok- had to :)If you have an hour to kill between events and a generic ticket, come see Fight in the Skies Society in Lucas Oil to learn a new game! We will have some games debuting at Gencon, new hotness, KS exclusives, etc.  Come choose your favorite from our pile and a friendly GM will be happy to teach you! All ages and skill levels welcome!  

Posted by yog-sothoth in jersey

I’ve always wanted to try these games.  They look very cool!

Posted by ladyflame

While we are running Dawn Patrol as always,  we are running over 300 other events and games,  tons of choices!

Posted by buffythecatslayer

Unless the other events are at LOS, you really need 2 open hours to get there and back, and since most events begin/end on hour boundaries, you might need a 3 hour opening in your schedule. Still worth checking out if you can find the time, or are already at the stadium.

Posted by ladyflame

While that certainly can be the case,  most of the larger game groups have been moved to LOS.  Plus we have shorter filler games too, 30 min or so.. options :)

Posted by powers209

Sure, I'll stop by. I'll be playing a tome of True Dungeon so I'll be in the Area. 

Posted by jpederso

Can you give me an idea of what games you'll be running?  (didn't find you when I looked up hosts in the event catalog)

Posted by jpederso

Oops -looked again and found you.  Hope to see you

Posted by ladyflame

Oh good,  was going to shoot you a link.. those are all the scheduled games, but we always have extra slots for other games from no-shows, etc..  come on by!

Posted by boc_mage

Is there a location nearby in LOS that one can get generics at? I expect to have a dead hour or two and would like to play something vs making the trek back to the ICC. Just hate getting generics i might not use.

Posted by ladyflame

Yes, there is an HQ in there- but alot of the GMs usually also carry extra generics too.  :)   see you next week!

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