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Posted by jmcguire22

I am planning on taking my oldest son to his first escape room this year. Curious about the differences between Escape Indy and Escape Room USA. Does one provide a far superior experience to the other? The reason I ask is that Escape Indy has very few sold out compared to escape room USA. Currently we're leaning towards James Bomb with Escape Indy, both for theme and availability. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Posted by sockarang

I have only experienced Escape Room USA. 

Escape Room USA is FANTASTIC! I have done nearly all their escape rooms and they are so much fun and well thought out. From decently tough to out right brain melting (KGB). 

I doubt that you would have a bad experience with any of them.


Posted by scswan

Could it be location?

Posted by jmcguire22

Very well could be location. Escape Room USA is much closer to the convention center. 

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