Hope you got your Scotty's fix in last year
Posted by hahnarama

because they just filed for bankruptcy and they are closing the downtown location



Posted by pcorey

No big loss.  Unless you enjoyed terrible service for overpriced mediocre food that is.

Posted by lordnlkon

We went this year and food was much worse than it has been in the past. The theme was cool but did not make up for the shitty food. 

Posted by raptorov

Well, I loved Scotty's. It was always my "Welcome to GenCon" place. The years I took the bus to town, it was close to the stop to get lunch before the walk to the hotel. The years I came in by car, it was the ceremonial first beer of the con. Sure there may be "better" food options in Indy, but they are the same old chain stuff you can get in anytown. Scotty's, with the dice, the sci-fi and fantasy movies, t-shirts and mugs, felt like a special place. Then Sunday was the last visit to end the convention week, the best week of the year, the week I most look forward to. Sure, they would always turn off "The Two Towers" midway to close for their private party, but they were a special place. A place where gamers felt welcome and at home. I will miss it, and will have to deal with chain food from now on it seems.

Posted by monkeyknifefight

Well that sucks. Scotty’s was one of few restaurants I actually liked in downtown Indy.

Posted by shibas

That is a shame, it was always a good place to go during the convention.. The dice, the movies, pre-con pathfinder. This year was different though, several of the regular bartenders and staff weren't there for the convention and the replacements didn't seem as... interested? I guess is the best word. Even with that it was a fun place, I hope something opens there that will be welcoming as well.. The Ram was already to busy with Scotty's around, now.......

Posted by jhs

Hope indydav finds a good home, and that I am remembering his name right.  He has done a lot for both the ram and Scottie’s.

Posted by captain 10beers

I always loved sitting on the patio drinking until they closed. 

Posted by ematuskey

Super disappointed--it was always crowded during the con, but it was always worth it! 

Posted by keithbradburn jhs

jhs wrote:
Hope indydav finds a good home, and that I am remembering his name right.  He has done a lot for both the ram and Scottie’s.

From his post about the closing, "I will retain my position with the company and at the corporate office and in overseeing multiple locations throughout Indiana, Illinois and Ohio."

Posted by cbudoris

I've had good and bad experiences with the food.  Sat at the bar every time we went last year so service wasn't an issue.  Can't knock their attention to gamers though.  They'd show all fantasy/scifi movies the entire con, publish their movie lineup on the special GC menu, and actually stick to it!

Posted by qstor

I loved Scottys too. 2019 will be my first trip back since 2015 and I'll miss it.

Posted by quarex

Scotty's is quasi-nostalgic for me, because when they opened up I remember all the buzz about how it was going to become what the Ram had been for the first couple of years at Gen-Con, being a more all-purpose nerdy destination rather than one specifically themed for Privateer Press games.  But then I only ever popped in there a couple of times, usually for the Auction staff dinners, and it was never really that great.  Excellent signage outside the restaurant, though, and the staff was incredibly friendly (but then, that is Indianapolis-standard at this point).

Posted by fethbone

TBH, no big loss in my opinion. Just curious as to what will replace it.

Posted by hahnarama

Me again..just my $0.02

  1. Not all Scotty's were created equal. My wife and I go to the one located on the Butler Campus. The service and food are always great. IMO they have a better outdoor seating area than the one downtown and $4 craft beers during the summer when school is not in session.
  2. There was a fire at the Fort Wayne location last week, and rumors are that it might have been intentional.
  3. A second lawsuit was filed today against the former owner alleging fraud and securities law violations.  

I think all Scotty's locations are on life support 

Posted by lemauxjw

So, any new information on a place taking over Scotty's mantle?  And please don't say Ram - they've sucked for five years now......

Posted by njseahawksfan

IndyDav who was responsible for a lot of what was good about Scotty's is doing stuff with Primanti Bros. this year



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