New Embassy Suites by the airport
Posted by ematuskey

Apologies if this is general knowledge!

If you aren't able to get a downtown room (either because you didn't/couldn't book a year out, or don't win the housing lottery), and prefer the airport to the other outer areas (I like it  because you get max con time the last day before you fly out without having to lug your suitcase around), /and/ you like paying a bit extra for the big rooms and included breakfasts of the Embassy Suites brand...well my friend, have I got news for you!  Hilton is launching a new ES location by the airport--accepting reservations now (opens in early 2019 I think). 

I've got my backup 2Q room reserved, though of course I'll play the lottery and hope for something closer!

Posted by kungfugeek

Just booked!  Thanks!

Posted by ematuskey

Ha, turns out it's also part of the official West Campus housing block--I wonder if it'll be a popular choice?

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