2019 Hotel recommendations
Posted by braewe

I honestly don't mind the hold for the full amount--I mean, I'm paying it anyway, this way I know full well how much it'll take without having to do math in my head.

I do, however, put a credit card for the incidentals, since lately some are ratcheting up the hold. It used to be $25, then $50, then $25 per day, we stayed a couple days this past year at an Illinois hotel and it was $75 per day. ALMOST AS MUCH as the hotel was charging per day anyway. They remove the hold 2 days later but yegods. There are times I want to use that money!

Posted by scootr5

With a debit card though, if they make a billing mistake they can tie up your funds in your bank account while they sort it out. To each their own, but I wouldn't use a debit card.

Posted by mkluiber

Curious if anyone has experience with crown plaza or holiday inn. They don’t seem to come up a lot in convo but seem close to the action.

Posted by aabacus

The last time I was at GenCon was 2005. Stayed at the Westin. It was awesome.

Is the Westin still nice?

Posted by david campbell

In order, I prefer The Westin, then the Omni, then the JW.

Posted by ar6474

Pay with a credit card and use their $. This way if there is a dispute you will have 30 days and  it's not coming out of your bank account.

Posted by stevespikes

My favorite hotel for the past few years is The Westin.  It is connected, and as a person who uses a wheelchair it's a so nice.  It's a straight shot to the Exhibit Hall from the skywalk.  The staff at the front desk is so helpful with any situation that may occur.

Posted by lesleykate

My two cents: if you need a room with two beds, don't overlook the King rooms. A lot have pull-outs or you can fit some cots in there. If you really need to be downtown, you can't afford to be too picky (depending on your time). We're gamers - we can be creative and make anything work!

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