Last year our podcast fulfilled an early mission to create several episodes to serve as a survival guide for Gen Con. We're reposting the series in full for any new or returning guests that feel a bit overwhelmed at all of the options and choices.

Note: this episode was made for last year's calendar. which is now wrong, but all the tips and how to information is still good!

You can find it on our hostiTunesStitcherSpotify, and other's I'm sure.Some of the areas we discuss:Gen Con prep notes: 

  • buy a badge sooner than later 
  • have a credit card with an expiration date AFTER the show 
  • travel to and from the convention 
  • parking at hotels even downtown and it can add up 
  • travel from airport - shuttle and bus 
  • uber and lyft 

Helpful Links:Downtown map - 
GenCon SubReddit - 
 GenCon Housing page - (login required) 
 - (no login required) 
Cheap ride to and from the Airport!  Buss Route #8-washington/

The HSG Gen Con Survival guide episodes 
Part 1 - Housing 
Part 2 - Running your own event 
Part 3 - Event Registration 
Part 4 - New Attendee Q&A 
Part 5 - Food and Drinks
Part 6 - New Attendee Impressions and Lessons Learned
Part 7 - Volunteering