Westin King room
Posted by musikfans1

We booked a Standard King at the Westin. We searched their website and viewed all 12 room configurations. All king rooms have a sleeper sofa. Them we saw a youtube video walkthrough of a standard king at the Westin...no sofa. We booked our room for 3 in the system.

Does any know, for sure, if there ARE king rooms without sofas?

Posted by david campbell

Good question; have a Westin king myself and was wondering this.

Posted by helenbb

We always stay at the Westin and they have always told us that the king rooms have sleeper sofas. If you have 3 people on the reservation, they should make sure that you get one of those rooms. You can also contact the Westin directly a couple of weeks before the con (after the reservations have been transferred to the hotels) and put that request on your reservation to increase your chances of getting what you want.

FTR, those king rooms are very nice, and we have found them to have plenty of rom for 3, although bathroom time might have to be 'scheduled'. 

Posted by ar6474

bring an air bed just to make sure you have a place to sleep , other than the floor
. We always bring them just in case.

Posted by musikfans1

Thank all :)

Posted by maijstral2

Stayed there last year and yes all King rooms have sofa beds, IMO they are not obvious about it but they are there I slept on one last year.

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