UBER Availability and Pricing
Posted by aldctjoc

FYI, folks - I know this is Lyft and not Uber, but: This year's partnership was announced last week, and there's a special code for getting a discount through Lyft:


So, that'll help a bit for those who want to use a rideshare service. 

Posted by vexedwaffle

Near the airport with the hotel this year. Anyone know how the closing of I-65, I-70 will affect the ride-sharing services. Is there a detour route set up for the closure?

Posted by traveller

Since those are major arteries it is safe to assume that there is a detour setup around construction.  I would also presume that taxi/ride share drivers will already be aware.of the best routes.  Its not like the closure is starting the same week as Gencon.

Posted by buffythecatslayer

Actually, I think the closure that most affects Gen Con starts only a few days before the con opens. Still, you're right about the drivers. It's their town, and they'll know how to get around the closures.

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