Just more restaurant news: There will be a new taco joint in Indy this month, well before Gen Con.

It's 1.3 miles from the convention center according to Google maps. To some, that's a bit far to walk, but to others, it's not bad. It's just a bit beyond the Rathskeller on Mass Ave. And it's an inexpensive build-your-own taco place with a bar that's open till 2am, so that's some decent hours to be available. I'll go visit it next time I'm in Indy (probably next month) and see what it's like. It feels like it's less of a dining experience than Nada, but sure as hell doesn't look like a Taco Bell by any stretch. Hopefully, it'll be in that niche that Adobo Grill used to fill: Sit down food but not fast food commodity eats.