room to offer (cannot attend)
Posted by maferland

Good day, I wont be able to attend, 

I have prepaid my room and cannot get a refund. 

room in clarion hotel airport, 

room with 2 beds, non smoking room

Ready to leave it with a lower price then i paid for it. 

please contact me if you looking for room at a affordable price

maferland (a) gmail dot com

Posted by cmegus

I’m sorry in advance if this offer is legit, but I do have an obligation to post this link to make sure the readers have all the information:


Posted by maferland

well, I know people can have some reluctance about it, and It is totally understandable, 

I can prove its paid and i can change the name on the reservation's name, ill be in Iraq during gencon, on deployement, just learn it and seem to be ignoring my message


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Posted by roderick

Just a spammer, who's being shown the door. 

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