Replacement for Scotties for late night beer/eats?
Posted by boc_mage

Counting down as time gets closer, question for locals. What's a good replacement for late night food downtown? I was very much a patron of Scotties as they kept kitchen open late (till 2am) which was handy when i got off a volunteer shift at midnight. 

Just been years since I've eaten elsewhere during late night. 

Posted by cman811

Kilroy's definitely serves food late, until 3 I think?   The Claddagh is also a great place to go, although I don't recall how late the kitchen stays open.  

Posted by cmegus

Yep, Kilroys. Good pick - 11am to 3am everyday and the Kitchen takes orders until at least 2am.

Must be 21 or order at the downtown location.


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