Dining at theme places
Posted by danielscooby

Hi folks,

i heard there is some restaurants that take into the mood of the Gen Con.

There is really some place that make an effort to the Gen Con and make the place a good experience.

I read that one particular one make and Tavern (in partneer with Paizo).


Posted by roundtop

The RAM (typically works with Privateer Press)
Tavern on South (turns into the Munchkin tavern with Steve Jackson Games)
Scotty's (Now closed, worked with Paizo)
Granite City Brewing (No corporate sponsor, but goes heavily themed)
Many other restaurants have special menus, etc. The restaurant at the JW Marriott even does it.

Posted by indyfoodguy

Or for a better meal at a themed restaurant that isn’t Gen-Con related, head to Bluebird.  

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