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In case you are interested!

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I seem to recall in the past people issuing lots of concerns about this hotel, including but not limited to:

- Restrictive dress codes
- Inability to get food/pizza delivered (or even to bring pizza in to the room)
- Possibly even cancellation of reservations

Make sure you know what you're getting into if you book a room at Columbia Club:

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The dress code is not enforced for Gencon. 

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As of when?  Not restricted in that you do not have to be dressed up to stay there, no, but when we stayed there in 2007 we were told quite curtly that we would only be allowed to go from the entrance to our rooms, not to use the public spaces at the club, dressed like we were.

I mean, I get it on some level; they are not a casual hotel, and make this fairly clear.  And honestly I find it fascinating that a hotel in 2019 still acts like it is 1834.  But it does not mean anyone should give them money.

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