Opinions on Le Meridien
Posted by jimmythesaint

Yesterday, I managed to switch a double queen at the JW to a double King at Le Meridien. I've never stayed there (nor when it was the Canterbury). Searching the forums doesn't reveal much. 

Anyone have any opinions on it? Room size, friendliness, cleanliness, etc? And while I've walked those hamster tubes 500 times, I cannot visualize how exactly this hotel connects. 

Thanks in advance.

Posted by denni338

I stayed there 2 or 3 years ago, can't remember for sure. The rooms were big and very clean, and the bathrooms were amazing. The hotel staff was very friendly.

The only issue I had was my group had booked a room with 2 beds, but when we arrived they told us they only had rooms with 1 bed remaining, but that we could have that room and a rollaway bed. We agreed to that and they told us they'd have one up within the hour. After an hour we still didn't have it so we called the front desk and they said they were bringing it up now. Another 45 minutes later and they still didn't have it up. They told us we could go check the city out and they would have it by the time we got back. A few hours later we get back and, surprise surprise, still no bed. We called the front desk again and they told us they were out of rollaways at that point and we were out of luck. So my buddy ended up having to sleep on the hard bench in the room.

Overall it was a great place, and I would rather take my chances there instead of a hotel further out, but if you can, I would try to either arrive super early to make sure they don't give your double bedroom away, or bring an air mattress as a back up just in case.

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