I-70 Closed on west side of Indy during GenCon
Posted by snowhat

As a local attendee, thought those of you traveling to Indy would want to know that I-70 from I-465 on the west side into downtown will be closed during GenCon.  This is the side of town where our airport is located.  Plan accordingly.



Posted by hikeeba

That's some amazing timing.

Posted by mvotruba

Thanks for sharing that.  It'll help us with planning on how to get around.

Posted by indynat

Alternate route.  Take 70 out of the airport to 465 north.  Two exits (?) up is Washington Street.  Turn east on Washington and follow it into Downtown. 

Potential parking opportunities:

Turn right at Victory Field (baseball diamond) - there's a lot just under the bridge on the left side that I didn't know about until recently.

State parking garage is on the left; however, I don't think you can park there during the day.  As a state employee, I beg you not to park there so we public servants can find parking (all the meters and other spaces we use when the garage is fill will be taken).

Also on the left is/used to be some underground parking.  I think it's for a hotel.

Past the convention center on the right is an entrance for the mall parking.


Posted by quarex

People were talking about this in another place I endlessly yammer about Gen-Con, and the locals said that apparently the city has been trying to do this construction since May but there has literally been too much rain to proceed until now.  Thanks, whichever pantheon's rain god is up to no good

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