Does the housing site do strict card address checking?
Posted by edooner

I've got a room in the housing portal and the lockdown and deposit charge is coming up on Monday. I'm using an international Visa card, and I've had issues with US sites that do strict ZIP code checking when processing payments, and I don't want to jeopardise my booking. Has anyone used an international Visa card to book a room in years previous, and know if there's strict ZIP code checking?

Posted by a dark rider on a pale ... unicorn?

I've used a New Zealand card before without any problems.

Posted by edooner

Is it a Visa card? I have been able to complete purchases by switching to a MasterCard before, but I'd prefer to use the Visa if possible (FX rates).

Posted by bushmaster

The hotel is the one that will be processing the charge, not the housing portal.  So it will depend on the hotel's procedures.

Posted by cmegus

Would it be worth an email directly to the hotel and / or hotel manager to verify?

Most Indy hotels are really good at responding to these queries.


Posted by edooner

I'll email the hotel directly to confirm. Thanks, folks!

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