Any groups still looking for Place to stay
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Myself and several friends are renting an Airbnb condo in downtown Indy. It is a really nice place and just a couple blocks from the conventions center.

The owner sent me a note saying he has another place available for Gencon.

"Hi, I just wanted to reach out because we still have 1 condo available for gencon. It is not a condo we list on Airbnb, but it is an EXTREMELY nice 3 bedroom condo, 2 minutes walking from the convention center and includes 1 private parking spot. If you know anyone who is still interested in booking a last-minute place for gencon let and us know and we would be happy to send them some pictures and work out a deal."

So if you have a group of 6 or so this is very affordable and really nice. If anyone is interested I can give you the contact information.

Posted by [email protected]

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