Very early - almost too early! - weather forecast
Posted by aldctjoc

Ok, we're finally at the point to where has an initial forecast for at least the start of Gen Con. And I mean very initial; last year I recalled there were predictions of rain, and for the most part that never came true. Since we're still over a week out, this can change a lot


  • Wednesday 31st: 40% chance of AM showers, 30% odds for PM showers, high of 87° F, low of 67°. 
  • Thursday 1st: Partly cloudy during the day, only 20% chance of precipitation. PM forecast is oddly enough exactly the same. Again, high of 87°, low of 67°. 
  • Friday 2nd: AM showers 30% chance, PM "mostly clear". High & Low temps are 87° & 65°.  

Weather Underground hasn't predicted that far out yet. Accuweather's "extended" forecast isn't predicting any rain for Wed or Thurs, but as a marked contrast gives a 56% chance of an afternoon and 44% chance of an evening thunderstorm on Friday. 

All weather services are indicating some humid conditions. It's going to feel sticky, folks. 

More to come. And again, keep in mind that last year things changed really fast; the Tuesday forecasts for Thursday and Friday were already incorrect by Thursday, as I recall. Anyway, these early forecasts give some possibilities for what the weather may be like, but nothing should be taken as solid until a day or two before. I guess the bottom line would be that rain is possible, conditions will certainly be humid, plan accordingly. :) 

Hope that helps. 

Posted by cmegus

Great news on the weather front —

As of Saturday morning US Eastern time, the predictions for August 1 - 4 (Thursday through Sunday) is for no rain at all with very few clouds, mostly if not full sunny and some low to moderate humidity, but nothing brutal.

Temperatures will Max out around 86 degrees F (30 degrees C) and will get down to around 65 degrees F (19 degrees C) in the evening.

*knocks on wood* let’s hope the forecast stays this way for 4 - 5 days :)

Reminder: The sun does not fully set in Indy this time of year until well after 9pm.


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