Normally by this time the Marriott Indianapolis Downtown had changed my card...
Posted by powers209

Normally by this time the Marriott Indianapolis Downtown had changed my card. I just like knowing that the first night is locked in... yet 7 days out and no charge for the two rooms I booked. 
​   ​​​wondering if I should call the Hotel?  I mean I'm calling if I don't see a charge by Friday.  I don't need a hiccups this late in the game. 

Posted by aldctjoc

I haven't been charged either yet. But, I see my reservation number on the Bonvoy site, so I'm not too worried. Not 100% unconcerned, but not nervous either. I'm thinking about calling them myself. 

Posted by traveller

I'm at the Westin (a marriott property now) and i called them, they do have my reservation but i've not been charged yet.  Also, they don't always get the bonvoy numbers from housing company so they don't always show up on the systems.

Posted by brooks

For some reason it seems like Marriott is very slow this year. I'm staying at the Westin and have not seen the trip show up on my rewards account or had my card charged. However, I emailed Q-Rooms and Rita responded they contacted the Westin and was able to provide a confirmation number. Even using that number to search on the Bonvoy site doesn't show the trip which makes me think Marriott is having some serious technical issues getting everything processed. I want to say I read somewhere else that the file transfer from Q-Rooms to Marriott did not go as planned and they're having to enter everything manually. 

For the peace of mind, I'd definitely recommend contacting either Q-Rooms or the hotel directly and getting a confirmation number, but nothing I've experienced leads me to believe that anyone is going to be screwed out of a room. 

P.S. Ninjaed by traveler before I could post!

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I bow to your superior ninja skills... this time. : )

Posted by dgoodchild

I'm at the SpringHill Suites and my card was charged on the 19th.
I guess it's just the luck of the draw.

Posted by ar6474

My card won't be charged until I leave on Sunday. I booked Marriot downtown out of portal.

Posted by sstalker23

I also booked the Marriott downtown (in block) and my card was charged on Tue, which did seem late from prior years.  I would call just for peace of mind. 

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