Short-Term Parking for Will Call?
Posted by kosmosis

Hi all, 

A friend and I want to pick up our badges Wednesday night but would rather not kick down $15 for an hour or two of parking. Are there short term spaces at the convention centers for this kind of thing? Or do I need to book it? Thanks.


Posted by buffythecatslayer

There’s no parking at the ICC.  You’ll probably have to park at the mall, not sure how much it’ll be for a few hours.  Heck, I’ve paid $50 to park for 2 hours in midtown Manhattan :-(

Posted by kosmosis

Got it. I think I’ll just kick down the $15. I guess I was hoping for some kind of free short term visitor thing but that was wishful thinking. 


Posted by llenlleawg

You might consider parking at the White River State Park underground garage. The entrance is near the museums just north of the JW Marriott. The rate is $8 for the first 3 hours, $15 for 3-6 hours ($40 for 24 hours, although the Will Call line shouldn't be *that* long!). The garage is open for 24 hours, but if you are coming late, you'll need to use a credit card (since they only take cash during normal hours when the attendants are on duty). There's also a nearby surface lot (also for White River State Park) for $5/hour.

*NB, I just checked and there will be a concert at White River State Park (moe. & Blues Traveler) on July 31, scheduled 5:30-11:00, so the underground parking might not be available.*

Posted by maijstral2

circle center mall parking is very close to the will call desk, at least one of the garages is, and it 3 bucks for the first 3 hours. I have waited in the will call line if it takes much more than an hour, no matter what it looks like, something has gone very wrong.

To be clear the moon garage's third floor is connected to the skywalk that leads to the hall way of the sagamore ballroom in the convention center and that hallway is on the second floor above the registration hall way. In other words park anywhere in the moon garage and its a 5 minute walk at most to the Will call line.

Posted by kosmosis

Great stuff! Thanks to you all for chiming in!

Posted by buffythecatslayer

How late is the mall parking lot open? Same hours as the mall, or could I park there at midnight?

Posted by maijstral2 buffythecatslayer

buffythecatslayer wrote:
How late is the mall parking lot open? Same hours as the mall, or could I park there at midnight?
last few years I parked there the entire con, stayed at the Westin. Its open 24 hours with a 22 dollar a day fee. Beat the westins parking garage which was 44 dollars a night and if you move your car later in the evening you can park right next to the door that opens into the skywalk that leads to the convention center.

Edit: I just looked at their site and while you can park there 24 hours it looks like you can only go in and out 8am to midnight.

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