Reminder - Road construction at Indianapolis. Plan around it.
Posted by aldctjoc

Apologies for the repetition; just trying to save people some pain if they don't yet know about this. Be aware of the road closures around Indianapolis:

I-70 from close to the airport all the way to downtown is closed. People staying in hotels near the airport will not be able to use that interstate highway to get downtown. Best alternate route for most is probably the Same Jones Expressway. Running the I-465 loop either north or south to I-65 (see map) should also work after July 29, but that's a long way around. Regardless, you'll want to plan ahead and allow extra time. 

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Posted by pshep999

Yes I have been here since noon today and traffic is already atrocious. Give yourselves lots of extra time!!

Posted by cmegus

Traffic around ICC / Lucas or on the Interstates?


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