Event tickets for multiple people
Posted by sjfrance81

For the first time this year I am getting more people to go with me.  Normally it has been either just me, or one other friend.  When events go live I always map our events and get mine plus 1.  But we have a group of 5 going this year.  Whoot!  Is there a way to link everyone and for me to get the event tickets for all 5 on my account or are we gonna have to just click the events individually and hope we all get into the events?  Is there a way for me to get all 5 event tickets for a single event?  Also with the housing portal.  We want to stay at the same hotel.  It limits me to one room due to only having one badge registered.  Anybody know?

Posted by matthias9

A few special events (True Dungeon, for example) are configured to allow you to buy multiples.

But, otherwise, you can buy for yourself, plus one extra ticket, plus a ticket for anyone set up as a "friend or family" member.  Therefore, you may want to add them as Friends (on the link above, click on your name, then on "My Friends and Family" then on "add friend").

Bear in mind that you are buying a ticket for them.  If your list processes first, and you buy a ticket for them for Thursday at noon, when their list later processes (assuming they have a list of their own), they will not purchase tickets for events that conflict with the time for the ticket you have already bought for them.  Or vice versa.


Posted by matthias9

For housing,


If you have purchased sufficient badges to qualify for more than one hotel room, all of your “Request Rooms” links activate concurrently, but you must request multiple room assignments sequentially, one room at a time. After you complete one request, you can click another link within your account to begin the selection process for the next room request. The system issues room assignments in the order requests are submitted."

Posted by sjfrance81

Thank you.  We will link our accounts.  Thank you!!!

Posted by selene314

When using the wishlist to buy event tickets for friends, it gives you the choice to make the request all-or-nothing (i.e. if you want 5 tickets but only 3 are available, don't buy any) or to buy as many as are available.

If they are paper tickets and you choose Will Call, each friend will have to pick up their own tickets.

For the housing portal, the only way to book multiple rooms is for one purchaser to buy 3 or more badges (they can be for friends with accounts). With separate purchases you'll have to wait for the second lottery time and then both try to book rooms at the same hotel. Or don't use the housing block.

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