Posted by john rtr

Is anyone aware of the game Nomic and if its ever been played at Gencon?

Its an odd game, one that I've found difficult to get to the table, but one that could work at GC.

In short Nomic is a game of reflexivity in law where the game is played by a set of rules and games play is changing those rules. Basicaly its a legislative structure that can change its structure and has the potential to become whatever the players want.

I'm thinking about running it this year and was wondering if anyone knows if its been done and how it might have gone?In case your curious here is some info on what the game is.

Posted by buffythecatslayer

I searched the 2019 event catalog for "nomic", and a number of results came up, but I'm not sure if any of the listed events are the game you're looking for.

You can always create an event to run at Gen Con; go to the "Host" link at top.

Posted by quarex

Thank you for introducing us to this concept, as I know someone who specifically dislikes games where the rules change, and thus this game is the absolute worst possible game for that person, haha.  Sounds like something I might get into though.

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