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Hi everyone. Barring Gen Con disapproval (which we've never had :) the following are BYOV's games for 2020. These are all live-action, (mostly) dice-less games of role-playing, intrigue, mystery, puzzle-solving, and the like (no boffer, tho). Newcomers are more than welcome--the list of rules is quite short, and we love helping people find their way who have never played these types of games before.

Our games are all LGBTQ+ friendly as well. As our GM Matt puts it in his message to ticketed players, all gender expressions are welcome. We may even be able to change the gender or sex of the character you are playing if that is an issue--sometimes we can't for plot reasons (e.g. your character is pregnant), but often we can. Reach out to us if you have concerns, we can talk.

Costuming is welcoming, but by no means required (and it's a Con, so showing up in a costume not fitting the game is also perfectly fine), and once you get a ticket, you can talk to us about character requests, possible pre-casting, etc. I'll post locations here once they are confirmed, but you can assume for now that they will all be in Union Station.


Fury Road: The Citadel (LRP20171333)

Three years after Immortan Joe’s death, the Citadel has become an oasis to some, and a haunted prison for others. Many Warboys remain, though some have left for Gastown, while others have taken up with the desert dwellers in search of a longer life. Uninterested in the mantle of leadership, Furiosa appointed Fates - women who preside over the Citadel and its people, ringing in a new era of prosperity to benefit more than just the Cult of the V8 and it's war machines. Though the Fates maintain tentative authority, old ways die hard. Warlord Krux and Immortan's other war priests seek to regain dominance, while the Bullet Billys demand higher price for ammo. To make matters worse, the watermaster declared the cisterns tainted as a caravan burns its last precious drops of guzzoline on the way to the Citadel. Will they find refuge or war? This game is LGBTQ+ friendly.

GMs: Matt and Harry
Time: Saturday, 5-9pm


The Last Knight at Sinclair Grill (LRP20170335)

Webberville is barely big enough to support even a tiny diner. The Sinclair Grill brings in regulars from out of town with Jeep Night on Tuesdays and Bike Night on Wednesdays. The local chapter of the Poor Fellow Knights of the Road are loyal customers. They trade stories, enjoy some good food, and have a few drinks. The locals don’t know them but they appreciate the revenue that keeps the diner open. Things seem different tonight. The atmosphere is too somber, the conversation is too quiet. Tonight may be the last Bike Night at the Grill. It sounds like the Local chapter of the Knights is breaking up and the Grill is closing - and no one really knows why. There are always rumors. Talk of a traitor or a spy among the Knights. Secret societies, hidden for centuries. Even dark magic and assassins. But this is just a Mid-West diner. Let’s put that nonsense aside and enjoy the meatloaf.

GMs: Ed, Mike, and Tom
Time: Thursday, Noon-4


The Pinnata Castra (LRP20170346)

A trip between the stars, a few short weeks to a far-flung outpost of humanity. That was before the FTL failed. Most of the passengers could be put into cold sleep, but hundreds could not. 40 years in deep space awaited them. But humans persevere. A city was built within the ship, jobs given out, an economy established, food grown. Life would go on. But will you ever reach your destination? And what is waiting for you there? 40 years on the Castra means over 90 years planetside--relativity is a harsh mistress. Dark shadows move among the crew and passengers, and several years ago a murderous cult was thwarted. Can you keep the ship together? How about just your own sanity? A BYOV Mystery. Beginners, costumes, and all pronouns welcome, no experience or costumes necessary. Mature themes, so mature players only please.

(This is a sequel to a game from a bunch of years ago, but absolutely no need to have played. Just know that if you played before, it's a new game :)

GM: Tom
Time: Friday, 7-11pm


Still Life (LRP20170334)

You know this place like you know yourself. The wood of the old porch breathes under your hand, and the night wind carries that smell of farms and mown grass that you've smelled your whole life. The War is over, the Allies won. We're all supposed to be safe now, safe in our normal lives. But why does it feel wrong, and why does the night feel threatening? Your life has gone wrong, and you need to set it right. But there's more than that here. There's a shadow. Hours away, in a lonely diner, others feel it too--emptiness, and a threat in the darkness. How are you all connected, who is a threat to you--who are you a threat to? And what do you need to escape? Beginners, costumes, and all pronouns welcome (but no costumes necessary). Mature themes.

GMs: Mar and Tom
Time: Thursday, 7-11pm


Woodstock, the Untold (LRP20170333)

1969. Welcome to Woodstock. It is the summer of love and this is dawning of the ages of Aquarius. This event is inspired by the 3 Days of Peace and Music of 1969 Woodstock. You will play a character attending Woodstock during the Summer of Love. Don’t believe the nostalgia; not everything is what it seems. Come for the music and the art and stay for the adventure! Will you turn on, tune in, or dropout? Decide how you will be remembered. A historically questionable BYOV Adventure.

GMs: Caren and Mar
Time: Friday, Noon-4

That's the list :) Hope to see you there.

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Hey Brotherbock, what if *I* object? Am I too lowly to register on the object-o-meter? 

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I would like to object to that not being an actual Fury Road sequel film.

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roderick wrote:
Hey Brotherbock, what if *I* object? Am I too lowly to register on the object-o-meter? 

Objections we can deal with, as long as the games get approved. Sometimes I object myself 8O

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quarex wrote:
I would like to object to that not being an actual Fury Road sequel film.

If you know any producers, we'll talk to them :)

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