D&D eXperience DM/Player Meet Up 2020
Posted by silverf0xx

Hello fellow D&Ders.
Are you a player with one of the coveted D&D eXperience tickets and you're looking for a specific DM or wanting to fill out your group before you get to the Con?

Well... this is the thread for you. This is the place for players to get paired up with their DMs ahead of the Greatest Four Days in Gaming... Online!If you are are a player playing in any of the D&D eXperience tracks (either in the Moonshaes or Eberron) and you want to get your groups put together and matched up to your DM, please post here.  When making a post to get added to these lists, PLEASE post:
Your Real Name, the Setting, Track and Tier you have a ticket for and the class(es) you will be playing and their levels plus the DM you'd like to have (if you have a preference). See the examples (in italics) below for clarification.

Dungeon Master Track/Team Players/ClassEberron Low Track A
David Burkhart                    LT A/Beholder     Bill Doe: Ranger 3
                                                                   Jill Doe: Sorcerer 3

 Player/PC Pool
(Names not separated by a space want to game at the same table together)

Eberron Mid Tracks A & B                                            Requested DM
John Doe: Eberron Mid Track B. Fighter 2.                     DM Brenden Lewis 

Moonshae Mid Tracks A & B                                         Requested DM
Jane Doe: Moon Mid Track A. Wizard 4
Jim Doe:  Moon Mid Track A. Rogue 1
Jeff Doe:  Moon Mid Track A. Cleric 4 or Druid 2

Posted by silverf0xx

I know that Event Tickets don't go live until the 13th. I wanted to get this up and ready for everyone to get sorted out as quickly as possible.

Posted by narzat

How does this work given that the tickets are being offered for individual tables with specific DMs already listed?  Rather than (IIRC) the old system of getting tickets for the Experience/Tier in general, then mustering to assign tables/DMs.  The new system seems to make it harder for folks who already have a pre-built team of 6 to get the event together, either with their preferred DM or not.  All it takes is one other person grabbing a seat at each table to lock out the intact group.  I'm not complaining, either is fair, it's just different.

Posted by silverf0xx

This is all part of the learning curve for me/us. 
But do not fear! if the situation you described comes up, between this thread and the Discord server for the actual event that I am working on, we should be able to get those thing fixed or at least noted. If I need to, I will get with the powers that be and hopefully make some changes. Manually if need be.

Posted by narzat

Cool, thanks.  We got our events (my wife and son were literally #1 and #2 in the queue for buying tickets!).  So no worries on our account, our team got everything it was shooting for.  But others may not have been so prepared or lucky.  Looking forward to the gaming soon!

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