D&D Adventurers League
Posted by jscubbage

Looking over the events listing released today, I didn't see any DDAL listing besides the entire Descent into Avernus in one 8 hour block. Are events continually being added? Are there no DDAL at Gen Con Online? Am I just searching for the wrong terms (if so, sorry!).

My daughter and I were looking to spend most of the weekend doing some catch up.

Posted by wavester

Oh we will have tons of D&D AL at Gen Con. Over 500 events worth and counting. We're just still entering them so they are not showing yet. The Bald one is just fighting horrid internet at his campsite (been here since last Thursday). We will have tons of Moonshae Isles content (including new Intro's), MOON 10 trilogy, MOON 13 trilogy, MOON 16 trilogy, and the MOON 15 trilogy as part of the DDXP. We will also have Eberron 8, 9, and 10.

Oh ya almost forgot. The Season 10 preview adventure from D&D Live 2020 will be there as well.

So plenty of cool stuff for you are your daughter to do over the best 4 days of gaming online.

Posted by jscubbage

Thanks! I got scared thinking everything might have been entered and there was some reason DDAL couldn't work online. Thank you so much for the update....we are so looking forward to being able to attend this year, even if only online. 

Posted by cmegus

Do we have a guesstimate on when these will show in the event catalog?

Do we think it will be before the 13th? Just trying to avoid booking stuff through wish list and having to cancel later and rebook for DDAL.



Posted by wavester

My goal is to have all the events into the Gen Con system by tomorrow night (however late I have to stay up). Once that is done the Gen Con event team can start reviewing and activating them so they show. Hopefully that is enough time to make that happen.

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