High Programmer Event Catalog (with bonus statistics of dubious value!)
Posted by chaos

The High Programmer event catalog for Gen Con Online 2020 is up!

It's got everything you expect: powerful searching capabilities, listings by start time and host, and each event lists other times the same event runs.

Bonus statistics of dubious value: where are events being held online. This is the "location" field, split up when an event has multiple locations. So if an event says "Tabletopia & Zoom", it will show up twice, once as Tabletopia and once as Zoom.

Raw data, including the non-split up data is at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nk8ny28UJSAIqSvvkjbzJyBXBmtzeZWtblqNwjnh_Ec/edit?usp=sharing I'm not currently planning on updating it as events are added and removed.

Posted by yog-sothoth in jersey

Thank you Highprogrammer!  

I also like this website, as it shows the additions / subtractions to the event catalog on a daily basis:/GenCon DB

Posted by alans


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