D&D Adventurers League @ Gen Con
Posted by wavester

Hey Gang,

Our events are chugging through the Gen Con system at warp speed (well as fast as over 500 events do anything). To tide you over until they show we have updated our website Gen Con landing page with a full schedule graphic and titles and blurbs for everything we are doing at the show. Check it out.

If you have any questions leading up to it's release or after we are here to help. Just use this thread to make it easier for us to find and we'll take care of you.


Posted by yog-sothoth in jersey

Thank you for all the great AL options! I have a question about the format.  Is the whole thing being run on Roll20? Will there be a zoom / D&D Beyond component? 


Posted by wavester

Most are using Roll20 but not all (we also have Google, Zoom, Fantasy Grounds, and Foundry) but Roll20 is the biggest chunk. Most, if not all, of our Roll20 will also be using it alongside Discord and often with Beyond20 plugins (each DM handles it their own way). 

Posted by wavester

Seem like our link to our Gen Con Players server got cut from the welcome message. Here it is - enjoy

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