Waitlisting for Full Events
Posted by primordial fire


Normally for full events I might show up with generics to see if there is a spot available from a no-show. Is that still possible this year? I didn't see anything in the Events Tome of Knowledge, and I don't see generics as an option for the online format.

Thank you!

Posted by roderick

The GM can sell you a ticket from their part of the App. on the spot (as it were). They have a "Issue Ticket" button on their event display. They should know about it (it's in their EO/GM FAQ), but you can point it out to them if they've forgotten. 

Their instructions say (in part):

  • Enter the username of the potential ticket recipient. The username is associated with their Gen Con Account.
  • The attendee must be signed into their Gen Con Account.
  • Once the ticket has been issued, the ticket will appear in their cart and an email notification sent.
  • The attendee must complete the purchase before the ticket expires from their cart.
  • If you don’t see their name listed under Ticket Holders for the event, they have not completed the process.
  • Remember they must “Give ticket to event host” as well.

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