Housing Lottery with an Exhibitors Badge?
Posted by bowker

I have worked with booths for close to 10 years and due to the timing of when I would receive my Exhibitor badge, I usually had to purchase my own (and get a refund later) in order to register for housing and events. This year, I've gotten it early. My question: Because I am technically not my badge's purchaser, will I be excluded from the housing market? If that's the case, I'll just buy a normal badge and get the refund as usual.

Posted by funny-shaped dice

Is the badge assigned to your account i.e. if you click on your name up by the menu, does it show that you have a badge?  If so, you’re probably fine.  If not, buy a badge.  Regardless, the best answer is: contact customer service and ask them - they’ll know for sure.  Most of the rest of us (myself included) are guessing.

Hope that helps!

Posted by bowker

Quick update: I did receive confirmation from customer service that I would need to buy a separate badge to be entered into the time lottery system. My assumption is that the vendor is allowed to reserve a number of rooms based on the number of badges they have and allowing me to reserve my own using one of those badges would be double dipping with a single badge.

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