Gen Con 2020 Pre-Sale Parking
Posted by jwibbenmeyer

Did anyone else just get an email from Gate Ten Parking about a one day sale? Since they had issues last year, they are offering a one day sale (today) for parking spots. I was aware of the issue last year, but didn't know if the email was genuine. I don't want to give cc info to anything suspicious, BUT I also would not like to pass up on the chance to get my parking out of the way beforehand.

Posted by buffythecatslayer

My buddy just got the same email, looks legit.  We're getting parking today, hope it's at a discount from what the rates will be in May.

It's just odd to send out an email about a one-day sale at noon of the day, but G10 does not seem to be very computer savvy.  Hey, be thankful they didn't cc: their entire list. :-)

Posted by jwibbenmeyer

That is good to hear. I wont be buying until later today. If you, or anyone else reading this has issues or updates, feel free to post to the public.

Posted by inari

I did buy my parking.  The website is the correct one.  The prices are the same as last year...seems no discount, just early access to buying.  I paid with paypal, so that is an option if you are uneasy with giving them your cc info directly.

Posted by buffythecatslayer

Yeah, the prices are the same as last year.  Maybe they'll go up when the parking goes on sale in May, or maybe not.  They've been pretty consistent for the last several years.

Posted by jwibbenmeyer

Thanks for the information. For a dog and an illustrated man with red hair, you two are all right in my book.

Posted by quarex

You are not so bad yourself, anthropomorphic milk.

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