Long time attendee, bringing girlfriend for first time! O_O
Posted by turbostar

My girlfriend and I are doing a road trip to New York, East Coast Canada, and Niagara Falls. Somehow I talked her into a one day stop in Indy for GENCON this year!!  She was actually super excited about the idea as I always talked about how much fun it was! So we're planning a one day stop on Friday to kind of give her a small taste of the "best four days in gaming".

Initially I was certain I'd be missing out this year, but alas I have a one day pass for her and I and we're totally going!

I'm curious if any of you have similar experiences and could share some "to dos" and "not to dos" for our day at Gencon.  I'm already thinking about finding some time to do paint n' take, spending some time in the vendors hall, and then of course the beer garden in the evening, but what are some more casual things I may have forgotten?

Posted by quarex

The Auction and Consignment Store is right across from the Exhibit Hall, and not only is the place with the best deals at the convention, but is also a great place to sit for a minute and take stock of what to do next (while potentially bidding on something)!  Plus, it is going to be running no matter what time you are there Friday (well, as long as you are not there before like 9 A.M.)

Posted by helenbb

You may want to book one of the shows or comedy events, so that she cna get a flavor for the different offerings at the con (i.e. that it isn't all sitting down to game. 

Posted by grognard262

My best friend bailed on me last year so I took my wife.  I really didn't know if she would like it or not.  I made sure to save some time slots for her to pick events and games that she wanted to play.  Like most things in a relationship, there is give and take and some negotiation.

She ended up loving it, and got hooked on D&D in the process.  She also got me to try some things I might not have otherwise done.  We're all booked again for this year and looking forward to it.

Posted by casien

Take time to go to the Mikey Mason show, he is geek song comedian. Well worth it.

Posted by cmegus

For first time non-heavy gamers, schedule a few “co-op” type games like D&D, Pathfinder, etc - or board games where you do not play against each other but with each other, like House on the Hill or Mansions of Madness (just 2 of many examples).

This REALLY helps people get comfortable, and “safe” from worrying about being ridiculed and thus more open and free and thus happy to keep playing.



Posted by ahtnamas

If she is the create/crafty type, there are always some amazing events from create your own chain mail items (dice bags, etc...) to create your own magic wand to etch your own drinking glasses to paint your own my little pony.  If you are looking for a little downtime and she likes this things, there is an open crafting room where you can just go in and use whatever they have available (which is a lot) to make whatever you want.  My wife comes home with some great things each year.  If you are looking for something more active, there are dance classes (belly dance, etc...), yoga, and more.  Just look for the SPA category of activities.

Posted by istivan

Any of the comedy shows are great.  If they do the Haunted Walking Tour or the Catacombs Tour, those are excellent too.

Posted by armadilloal

I always book at least one comedy event.  They're one of the big draws for me - I can play games anywhere, but nerdy comedy/music/shows are much harder to come by.

Posted by namaimo

Maybe start by asking her what she'd like to try?  If she's not sure, give her an overview of the different types of gaming activities and see what sparks her interest.  Or just play it by ear and walk around so she can take it all in.  

Posted by weirdpinkpill

Isn't this question best for you and her to discuss? If I've learned anything over the years, is that I don't like to let others decide what to do at Gen Con for me. Does she like live events? Does she like gaming? Does she like to craft? Maybe narrow down some specifics and then get recommendations on particular events. My friends all were excited to take me LARPing for example, and when I got there I wanted to die. Not the activity for me. I'll be in the hotel bar. 

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