Quiet room?
Posted by jennifer-cole

Will there be a quiet room this year? I know there used to be one, but hadn't seen anything about it recently. Would love if there was a place for my kid to nap in her stroller instead of having to make a 20 minute trip back to the hotel. 

Posted by buffythecatslayer

There's one every year, so I'd expect there will be on this year as well.

There are also some quiet, out-of-the way places on the 2nd floor where things are usually calm enough for a baby to nap.

Posted by mikeboozer

There is a quiet room is room #211 upstairs.

Posted by jennifer-cole

thank you both!

Posted by nascragman

Or just head over to Lucas Oil Stadium.  Even when Nascrag is Rockin' and Rollin' it's never too loud.  It's got 288 foot ceilings.  It's like being outside, but with air conditioning

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