2020 D6
Posted by jimdigris

Every year, Gencon badgeholders get a free D6 with stamped with Gencon and the year.  I understand that this year's batch was made before the convention was cancelled.  What is to become of it?

Posted by mwieleba

We are waiting to hear.
Many of us contacted Crystal Caste and were told they need to discuss it with GenCon. so we are waiting.

Posted by stahlnee

I was told something different when inquiring. Their reply was only about being able to buy a polyhedral dice set for the convention. Turned me off since they did not address the question I asked.

Posted by inari

Maybe they put the 2020 dice in the sets already (there's always a spot for it left empty) and you'll get the 2020 dice if you buy a set during the convention?  Just guesses....I know nothing.

Posted by ytuni

I would bet that they'll just keep the 2020 dice for next year. They'll either give them out with their 2021 d6 or sell them as a commemorative item. 

Posted by sparroew

Crystal Caste just posted their convention dice on their website. The dice sets are the normal price (as far as I know, I never bought the full set) and the d6 are $2 each. Shipping is $3 unless you're buying more than 5 dice.

Posted by hahnarama

Has anyone received their dice or any sort of communication from CC ?I ordered about 8 days ago ,  yeah I know there is a Fourth of July holiday in there,  but I have had no communication from them whatsoever.

Posted by mark_a

I got my Gen Con dice tin earlier this week!  Ordered on July 1, received on July 6.  (I was emailed order confirmations and a tracking number.)  It only had to travel from Tucson to San Diego though.

Posted by grellden

how do they look this year?
I have a set on order but they will not be in OZ for ages.
Shipping is down due to lack of flights, things are going by sea again.

Posted by mark_a

Here is a picture from my wife's FBhttps://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10214172163097714&id=1823042964

Posted by hahnarama

Mine arrived today. I'm hoping it about old 50 plus years time when my memory is not as good as it is today I'll look back on those Dice and say "Hey wasn't Gen Con 2020 the best!" 

Posted by jimdigris

I'm not sure that senility could erase the year 2020 from anyone's memory.  

Posted by jimdigris

My dice came yesterday.  There wasn't a warning email.

Posted by hahnarama jimdigris

jimdigris wrote:
My dice came yesterday.  There wasn't a warning email.

I think with only having three people in the company they're they're just send them out as fast as they can. 

The easiest way to get any sort of notification for USPS is to set up and create an account on the post office website I get text notifications for any sort of package that comes to my house

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