Gen Con 50 - Retrospective Panel Recordings?
Posted by roanders

Gen Con 50 featured what looked like some really cool Retrospective Panels about the history of Gen Con and tabletop gaming.  Here's the event list.  Per this 2017 forum post, they were all recorded, and there were plans to release those recordings.

Does anyone know what happened with that?  This would be a great year to unearth those.  I wasn't able to make it to any of them (Gen Con 50 had SO MUCH going on), and was looking forward to watching the recordings!

Posted by sevenkevin

I went to two of them and they were really interesting.  I hope that Gen Con makes them available. 

Posted by quarex

Excellent point about the 50th anniversary recordings and this being a great time to unearth them.  I never sign up for events at Gen-Con as a rule, per my catchphrase "Gen-Con is too short for gaming," but I went to three or four of those seminars (and took a guided tour of the Horticultural Hall recreation) and I enjoyed every second.  Definitely would be worth revisiting those, and I know there were a few scheduled for similar-enough times (or at times when I knew the Auction would need me) that I did not get to see them all either, and would love to finally have the chance.

Posted by jimmythesaint

Yeah, another vote for posting them if possible. I went to a couple and would love to see them again.

Posted by klaron

I asked about this exact topic after the 50th anniversary GC ended because I was unable to attend those specific events.  I received no response and then the forum boards were reset with the new year.  Sadly, I wouldn't get my hopes up, I doubt you'll see them.  Believe me, I would love to be proven wrong on this statement!

Posted by matthias9

I'll just add to the pile here.

I attended a couple - and found them fascinating.  There were others I couldn't get into that I'd definitely watch if given the opportunity on youtube, Gencon Online or wherever. 

Otherwise, I'll just plan on attending all of the similar sessions when I am at Gen Con 100.

Posted by derekguder

It's on our list to put together a plan for, don't worry. Right now we're focused on tackling Gen Con Online, though, and we'll turn to this as soon as we can after that.

Derek Guder
Senior Event & Program Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by roanders klaron

klaron wrote:Believe me, I would love to be proven wrong on this statement!

Bam!  Thanks, Derek, looking forward to it, and good luck with all the insanity being thrown at you all!

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