Ticket Processing
Posted by bmcquegge

After processing my order, it popped up to show me the events that were processed and paid for. Some of the events said it was processed but that it was sold out, so how can i tell which events I ACTUALLY GOT TICKETS FOR? Seems to be confusing a bit as to weather or not I actually have a ticket to the ones I submitted.

Posted by helenbb

Look at My Packets in your account, if you have checked out. If you haven’t checked out, look at your cart.

Posted by bmcquegge

I looked in the above and it says e-tickets are not in the packets section, however I JUST received my receipt and it says I have sucessfully gotten tickets to the ones I asked for. So, I'm hoping that I'm good to go with that. 

Posted by mikeboozer

Can find on your Transactions and homepage both.

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