Today in Indy...
Posted by hahnarama

Today the mayor of fish we asked the city council for $150 million  bond  pay to for the two new hotels and the 75,000 square foot Convention Center expansion, as well as a new hamster tube over Capitol

Weather forecast

Thursday 81 
Friday 79
Saturday 81
Sunday 84 

Humidity all 4 days under 20%

Someone forgot to tell the weather gods that Gen Con has been cancelled

Posted by hahnarama

WTHR has a smaller bond listed and more space but key piece is 2 new hotels with 1400 new rooms by 2024

Posted by aldctjoc

LOL, even without the con going on, Indiana weather reverted to the mean. From for today:

"Showers and thundershowers during the morning will give way to steady rain this afternoon."

But Friday and Saturday would've been awesome. Partly to mostly cloudy, moderate temps... man, just one more way to miss the con. :(

Posted by hahnarama

I will take a little rain over oppressive heat and humidity. The granite as a look out my bedroom window it is raining moderate, but it's a quick run from the Hilton across the street and into the Hyatt. After that it's all escalators hamster tube parking garage hamster tube escalator to the convention center :)

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