So did it work?
Posted by nascragman

Not to be alarmist, but Gen Con isn't an entity with multiple income streams.  It makes its nut in one long weekend every August.

Gen Con On-line seemed fairly successful for what it was, but there wasn't a lot of money to be made with the flat $2 fee.  It seemed more designed to keep the brand awareness alive than to pay the bills.

I've been assuming there was contingency insurance for disasters and I would hope this qualified.  But who knows?  Insurance companies are very specific sometimes.

I guess my question is - assuming the pandemic allows, will Gen Con return?

Posted by gib_rebeg

Gen Con is committed to return for the next 6 years. In order to secure dates, they would have to fork over a substantial deposit for the venue space.

Far as will Gen Con Return? That depends on event host making the effort to show, as well as attendees. Regardless of 'Risk'.

Posted by matthias9

I mean, I don't blame you for being curious about their financial health.  I think we all want them to succeed.  That being said, I think it is pretty unlikely they would share any level of detail about their financial situation - for a variety of legitimate reasons.

It is worth noting that their announcement for cancelling the (live) 2020 convention was paired with an extension of their contract with Indianapolis through 2026.  I don't think it is unreasonable to speculate that this is most likely a result of negotiations related to the terms of cancellation for this year.  This highlights why it was pretty silly of people to have been yelling at them for not having cancelled yet, or not having 'told us what was going on' -- it was always a contract negotiation.  In that context, I would speculate that 2020 online did not play a huge part in solving their revenue issues -- but, of course, I know nothing -- and every little bit helps.  I just don't happen to think the outcome was ever going to hinge on what happened with online.

To me, all of this suggests they will be back next year - if that is your primary question.  Assuming, of course, the world is back to relative normal by then.  Hopefully it is.  If not, economic ruin will abound.

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