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Posted by nuyawkdawg

Ok, this may be a silly question. In the catalog all the games have locations. Sometimes there are two locations. Does this mean that you would need to have both? For instance BGM20186754, Learn to Play Tales from the Red Dragon Inn, has locations of Tabletop Simulator and Dischord. Is the game to be played on both or do the players have a choice of which platform to use?

Posted by k_dog64

It's likely you would use both.

From what I remember (and I could be wrong on this), but I am not sure if Tabletop Simulator has voice chat built in for example.  

In your example, you would be playing the game itself on Tabletop Simulator, but using Discord for Voice chat.  I know I have played a number of board games with friends online using that setup.

Posted by nuyawkdawg

Crud, so now I have to buy Tabletop Simulator? Ok, not sure if I want to do that, may just go back through the games list for the ones using the programs I already have. Thanks.

Posted by qwaserity

Tabletop Simulator has voice chat but I haven't used it. My group uses Skype for the voice. TTS was on sale for $10 the last time I looked.

Posted by cmegus

You can get TTS on Steam as well.

Right now - 7/7/20, it is on sale for $9.99


Posted by greenthing

FYI, Tabletop Simulator is $10 on Steam.

Posted by marimaccadmin

Hi, generally, when something has two "locations", the first location is the platform on which the game will be played, and the second is way that voice and audio will be used.  So, for your instance, the game will be played on Tabletop Simulator, and then Discord will be used for audio, and possibly video.  Zoom is also one you commonly see used as the "secondary communication" platform.

We do know that Tabletop Simulator has a charge, but, it seems to be a platform that a lot of gamers are using now, and at $10, it's a good deal.  However, if you're looking for a free platform, there are quite a few events listed on Board Game Arena as well.

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