New Releases?
Posted by sarahsgot5

How can I find a list of new releases that will be in the online store and also what other games will be for sale?

Posted by del_grande

Won't the "online store" just be a set of links to the various companies' websites? You would have to check each store's site separately to see what they have.

Posted by sarahsgot5

Not sure. Maybe they could tell us what website stores they will have so we can ask the stores in advance? I heard a few new releases are coming out, but which ones, hmmm.

Posted by brumcg

BGG opted to punt this year on Gen Con board game releases.  Instead of Con previews, they have a more generic Summer Preview here:

To be crystal clear, these items are not Gen Con Online specific.  They are just supposed to be released this summer.

I usually do an RPG list at RPG Geek, but I bailed this year.  Right now, we don't even know what publishers are participating at GCO.

More info is coming from Gen Con...  Hopefully soon!

Posted by brumcg

Also, it sounds like this link may be helpful:

It sounds to me like PSI will be the store for "newly released games" and other purchases will be directed to publisher sites.

Posted by narzat

The Gen Con Facebook page earlier today announced a partnership with BGG on a Twitch channel all about new games at Gen Con.

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