Geekway to the West moves to October
Posted by mal_havoc

Not that this has any bearing on GC, but it is a good sign that some conventions may actually run.  Geekway to the West just announced they are re-scheduling to October 5-7, 2021 from May timeframe.  Yes, it is Tues-Thur due to schedule conflicts with the venue. 

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Thanks, that is interesting.  Cons going mid week is something that hadn’t occurred to me, but for this year could make sense.  I would take a few more days off to have a gen con.

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Keep in mind that it takes time to setup and dismantle (longer to setup).  

Posted by quickforce

Not as much time as you say.

Posted by ematuskey

I can totally see conventions getting creative this year--the pent-up demand is there if they can figure something out!

I'm still feeling optimistic that things will be looking a lot better by summer--3 vaccines and a dearth of international travel may get this under control in the next few months, if we keep the numbers of people getting their shots going up.  I still expect to be wearing a mask until 2022 at least (and honestly, I may wear a mask whenever I fly from now on--in hindsight, some of the sickest I've gotten over the years has been after flying!).  But I know that may be an /overly/ optimistic view, heh. 

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