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I would be worried if the attendance cap was increased unless GenCon somehow allows more games to be run by smaller GMs like they used to. Otherwise, the in my opinion unwise decision to not allow smaller GMs to run a few games is a bad idea.

Not sure what you mean by this. GenCon 2019 I and one other guy ran 10 sessions, 2 a day, of 5E Tal'Dorei-based Scenarios. We were accepted without any hassle.

Due to constrained space and time available for events on our new dates of September 16-19 this year, as well as anticipated requirements for social distancing and safety precautions, event submission will be limited to a curated list of event organizers.

This list is primarily composed of groups that run sufficient volume of events to manage dedicated space for the whole convention, as well as some additional key events. If you would like to run physical events at Gen Con Indy this year, either because you have enough GMs to manage several tables or have an idea particularly well suited to this year’s limitations, please email [email protected] with a detailed summary for approval.

Event organizers that are not pre-approved will not have access to the event submission form for Gen Con Indy 2021.Expanded open gaming space will be provided this year to accommodate independent and individual GMs, though games in those spaces will not be ticketed or scheduled in our registration system

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Asmodee has distribution centers in the US. Their headquarters is in France. Unless the travel situation changes significantly, travel between France and the US is for certain family emergencies only.

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So with the list of events being limited to those pre-approved groups (it seems ones that are big enough to manage an area/event for an extended period of time), what do you suppose things will look like re: demoing new Indie games? 

There used to be a lot set up all over, one ticket (or free), sit down and try this demo at a certain place and time. 

Suppose that it'll be a bit more free form, walk up and check out the interesting game that someone has on their table to show you?

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