Posted by whisper721

Just curious how it is tied to a convention?  Will they have kiosks where you can log in and bid on someone's items?  Will they be bringing games to sell?   Confusing how they are related to gaming?  The term vendor typically means you are there to sell something.  Just curious about this one.

Posted by traveller

they are probably there to sell their service.

Posted by random_axcess

I would assume it is like their other set ups at conferences I've attended.

They hand out coupons for free listings/reduced fees. Show pictures or convention relevent big ticket sales. It is really a low information service booth manned by people with little connection to ebay, so complaining to them about ebay scams is fruitless.

Posted by narzat

With no official auction this year, they could probably do a brisk business running a "pick up at Gen Con" auction house during the con.  But for a company that big, it may not be worth the trouble to organize it.

Posted by quarex

I was thinking something similar, Narzat.  And about how if EBay were not a colossal company they could probably also do a brisk trade in replacing the Auction on the other end, too, offering to buy stuff brought in.  But unless they were partnered with one of the bigger game stores (which hey, they could be, who knows?) it is not like they are in the business of buying and selling things themselves.

Posted by brumcg

It could just be an eBay reseller bringing some games, toys, etc...  We'll see!

Posted by whisper721 brumcg

brumcg wrote:
It could just be an eBay reseller bringing some games, toys, etc...  We'll see!
I dunno.. I was thinking corp... because they are a 2021 sponsor... will be exciting to see!!!


Posted by aceorton

There was some promo last year where the first X hundred people who signed up would get a $10 eBay coupon mailed to them. A lot of people thought it was suspicious. Then, a few weeks later, I got the coupon in the mail (it was a unique code on a magazine). Worked fine.

My guess is they're doing something like that again, but this time in person.

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