Consignment Store?
Posted by mcaramb

Will the consignment store be happening this year? 

Posted by donaldbain


Posted by mcaramb

oh no... well its a good thing and a bad thing.

Bad thing cause... omg that place was like crack to an addict for me. I'll miss the crazy good deals with the fun daily multi-tied buying process. That was like playing a game of push your luck in itself!

Good thing cause I'll won't have to refinance my house to pay for my habit :)

Posted by quarex

I hear that; the Auction/Auction Store has been my favorite part of Gen-Con for at least 15 years now (and if anything only becoming an increasingly favorite part as time goes on).  I barely find anything I am interested in buying in the Exhibit Hall proper anymore; I imagine a good 90% of my convention spending is Auction or dinner-related, haha.

Posted by lore seeker

Well, there *is* always Half Price Books' booth in the Exhibit Hall...

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