Ham radio operators that are gamers?
Posted by klaron

3 years ago (I believe) there was another ham radio operator that posted in the forums asking about other hams and asked about getting a net together. I am wondering if there are any hams still lurking in the forums and if they are running DMR? I personally am not using DMR yet but this could be the impetus to get on it. It would be fun to have a gaming group on DMR.

Yep, that is my callsign

Posted by kertdawg

No DMR for me, but I'll at least have a 2m HT.


Posted by zwk87844

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Posted by cubiclegnome

No DMR here either, but I will have my cheapest dual band HT in my bag.  There was a net in 2019.  I haven't heard anything about it this year though.


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