Vaccinations at Gen Con?
Posted by lore seeker

I'm watching the Indiana Department of Health press conference right now, and it was mentioned that the department has set up vaccination sites at fairs and festivals.

That made me curious: is there going to be a vaccination site in the ICC during Gen Con?

Posted by notavailableeither

Terrific idea!

Posted by grognard262

The problem is that Pfizer and Moderna require shots weeks apart.  Also, if you getting vaccinated AT Gen Con you are about six weeks too late.  People should start now so they are fully vaccinated when the convention starts.

Posted by lore seeker

Yeah, but the goal wouldn't be to provide them protection at the convention - the goal would be to get them to start the course (or maybe finish it, if they're due for the second shot at the time the convention happens) and to give them a convenient/friendly place to do it.

Posted by quarex

Yeah this would definitely be an altruistic rather than a useful maneuver, but considering I am sitting here in the shirt I got for working at a mass vaccination center I am pretty much all for it

Posted by ryric

Origins has had a blood donation area before run by local services, seems like this idea could be in the same "vein." If they want to do it, I think the biggest problem now might be getting this all arranged only six weeks out.

Posted by burrfoot72

I know when the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was only doing the J&J vaccine when they were doing their push/ drive during April and May for the 500 since they are one and done.  I would think something like this would be the same.

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