Didn't buy tickets yet, should I still come?
Posted by rule of three

'ello all!

I just realized Gen Con was happening (oh how time is all skewed) and started looking at the listings. There weren't many ticketed board games or RPGs (outside DnD) available. 

I can still book tickets, a hotel, flights (actually reasonable) but haven't been to one before alone and without a schedule... what are your thoughts on going? Any resources you can point me to help me determine things going on?

Thanks all!

Posted by narzat

Check out the section and threads here on the forum about Open Gaming, which include a number of RPGs.  You can also probably show up to many scheduled events with generics and have a reasonable chance of replacing a no-show or being accommodated at an extra table.  And of course tons of demos in the vendor hall.  Good luck!

Posted by rule of three


I'll look into those :)

Posted by quarex

Hell yes you should.

And nobody is ever alone at Gen-Con if they are willing to talk to other people doing things they seem interested in!  I realize that in and of itself is not always the easiest thing, but your posting style does not suggest you are terribly worried about the "alone" part!

Posted by lore seeker

I agree with the other posters above. Between Open Gaming, using generics to fill in for a no-show at ticketed events, and browsing the Exhibit Hall, there's plenty for you to do even without event tickets.

Posted by cinnibar

By the way, 100+ new events appeared today for the in-person convention.  

Posted by grognard262

Generic tickets may hold special value this year because of Covid.  People signed up when cases were load and people were feeling generally safer, but now with cases on the rise I wouldn't be surprised to see quite a few no-shows.

Posted by rule of three cinnibar

cinnibar wrote:
By the way, 100+ new events appeared today for the in-person convention.  
Oh man! 


Posted by rule of three

Thanks for all the pointers and guidance. I really appreciate it. 

Looks like it will be a fun time regardless!

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